Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy H"OWL" oween

Fall is my very favorite time of year.  The days are warm and sunny the nights are cool and snuggly.  The leaves start to change and fall and best of all Halloween rolls around.   Up until last year I never made anything handmade that hung around.  They were always gifts and baby blankets and such that went away and found new homes.  So last year I vowed to start making things for our home.   Having Abbey helped with that process.  I made baby quilts and even a shade and valance for her windows.  While pregnant with her i made a little birdy quilt for the living room.  But my very favorite thing I finished recently was this Halloween door hanger....

I love the owls...

I have several other Halloween projects to finish.  Big ones.  I got the embroidery done on two Crabapple Hill Halloween quilts.  I figure after Christmas I can start working on them again.   
Hope you have a spooky Halloween with lots of Treats and no Tricks!

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